142+ Birds Name Starting With L – Birds that Start With L

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Do you love birds? Do you keep birds? Are you seeking a stunning bird’s name? If you’re looking for a wonderful or amazing bird’s name. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of bird names that begin with the letter L.

If you read the list of bird names according to the serial, then hopefully you will know the beautiful names of many birds that start with L. Also, if you want to know the names of other birds, I would request you to read other posts written about birds on our website. In this episode, we have just shared with you the beautiful name of the bird starting with L.

Birds List Starting With L:

La Perouse’s megapodeLoon, Black-throated
Lemon-chested Greenletlongspur
Lark-like BuntingLesser Adjutant
Lilian’sLarge Frogmouth
lyrebirdLattice-tailed Trogon
La Selle ThrushLesser Antillean Flycatcher
La Selle ThrushLadder-tailed Nightjar
Large Green PigeonLesser Antillean Tanager
Lagden’s Bushshrikelong bill
Laggard FalconLaughing Kookaburra
Ladder-tailed NightjarLarge Cactus-Finch
Large CuckooshrikeLesser Blue-eared Glossy-Starling
Lafresnaye’s VangaLarge Scimitar-Babbler
Large ScrubwrenLaughing-thrush
Large-billed FlycatcherLarge-billed Gerygone
Lesser CoucalLarge Hawk-Cuckoo
Large-footed TapaculoLarge-headed Flatbill
Lake Chad PriniaLesser Fish-Eagle
Laurel PigeonLava Gull
Large Mountain SericornisLesser Forktail
Laysan CrakeLaysan Duck
Lamprotornis purpuropteraLesser Grass Finch
Leaf-loveLeast Auklet
Lawrence’s goldfinchLarge Sri Lanka White-eye
Least TernLesser Honeyguide
Layard’s ParakeetLepe Cisticola
Lesser AdjutantLamprotornis purpuroptera
Lesser KiskadeeLesser Elaenia
Lesser Fish-EagleLong-tailed Pipit
Little ChachalacaLesser Jacana
Lesser KestrelLaysan Albatross
Large-billed Blue-FlycatcherLesser Shrike-Tyrant
Lesser Sooty-OwlLazuli bunting
Long-tailed WoodcreeperLewin’s Honeyeater
Lewin’s RailLesser Masked-Weaver
Lapland BuntingLimpkin
Lincoln’s SparrowLittle Eagle
LARKLeach’s Storm-petrel
Lesser NoddyLittle Bee-eater
Little BitternLong-tailed Fiscal
Large-billed LarkLittle Eagle
Little EgretLittle Hermit
Little blue darterLittle Gull
Little HermitLong-wattled Umbrellabird
Leaden HoneyeaterLittle Stint
Little SwiftLeucopternis schistaceus
Large CoucalLINNET
Least BitternLoango Weaver
LocustfinchLord Derby’s Parakeet
Little NightjarLong-billed Honeyeater
Long-billed LarkLesser Roadrunner
LONGTAILLarge-billed Willow Warbler
Lovely CotingaLong-legged Buzzard
Long-legged PipitLewis’s Woodpecker
Little SparrowhawkLYREBIRD
Least HoneyguideLong-tailed Jaeger
Long-tailed KoelLong-billed Cuckoo
Lesser ShortwingLichtenstein
Least Pygmy-OwlLynes’s Cisticola
Lesser Swallow-tailed SwiftLarge-tailed Nightjar
Lyre-tailed NightjarLina
Little Yellow Flycatcherlapwing
Lesser white-fronted gooseLeast Tern
limicolineLined Forest Falcon
leafbirdLonchura nana
Lesson’s Seedeater

Birds Beginning With L:

Long-tailed TitLong-tailed Triller
Large Fig-ParrotLong-legged Pipit
Loveridge’s SunbirdLowland Akalat
Luhder’s Bush-ShrikeLittle Tinamou
Luzon HornbillLuzon Scops-Owl
Birds that start with L 2

4 Letter Birds That Start With L:

  • lark

Final Words

Hope you enjoyed the bird names that started with L. On our website, we provide a variety of bird information. If you are a bird lover then stay with us.

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